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I am Ricardo Dantas, a minimalist Full Stack Developer with many years of experience developing digital solutions for startups and enterprise companies.

I started in 2002 as a PHP developer very involved with the Open Source community. I helped to organize Linux Install fests in my hometown, including the Movimento Software Livre Paraná event together with the Paraná state government in Brazil, which became the Latinoware event nowadays.

Years later, precisely in 2009, I started out my very first startup focused on the Social Commerce concepts implementation for e-commerce stores. That period was very important, maybe one of the most important in my professional career. I learned a lot about the startup environment, including all the hype around it, such as bootstrapping a company, agile methodologies, project management, deal with investors, customer development, how to build a partnership network, team leading and management. I think that period crafted most of what I am today as a person and as a developer. After four years running it, my old business partner and I decided to finish the company due to the difficulty of expanding the operations and attract bigger customers, lots of lessons learned, definitely.

Further up, I started to work remotely for a US company, which was one of the most interesting experiences in my career. A 100% remote job and everything worked great, meetings, pair programming, technical discussions, etc. I really enjoyed that period of time, but I was looking to live abroad, and this was one of my biggest life goals, then Dublin happened.

I moved to Ireland and spent 1,5 years working for one of the biggest IT consulting companies in the world. I had to learn a completely different stack, culture, and mindset that I was used to. It was a great experience; I had the opportunity to develop my soft skills and work with distributed teams across the globe. It was a big challenge for me, and it also brought me a lot of new opportunities and connections with exciting people. Dubliners are cool people, so friendly and funny, but I decided to move on as Dublin wasn't inspiring me anymore to fix my roots there.

I ended up in Stockholm, Sweden, a different country, and culture. I think it was my first real culture shock. My first professional contact with the Swedish culture was with a digital marketing influencer platform company, and I learned a lot about the Swedish style to work. A real flat hierarchy, real self-dependent team's, a genuine spirit of ownership, and the sense of effort vs. delivered value taken seriously. It was the very first time living what I read on agile methodologies and management books. It was an awesome experience except for the fact that I wasn't enjoying anymore to work with the marketing environment. So, I decided to leave the company and back to work into the tech environment. Nowadays, I am working for an IT consultant company focused on the mobile apps market.

I am learning new stuff every single day. I started to feel and live the Swedish minimalist way of life, which I fell in love with right away. I am really into this subject and adapting my life, my mindset, my day to day tasks. Living and doing with less.

My current goal is to help teams to create, develop and ship high-quality digital solutions using the minimalist approach.

Well, 19 years of experience learning, adapting, and reinventing myself. I am very grateful for every single experience I had. Thanks to all the involved people!

Best regards,

Ricardo D. Goncalves

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